Wearable Air Purifier Necklace Air Freshener Car Air Filter

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Model32-8&7Rated voltageDC3.7~5V certificate1.anion capacity test report 2.benzene and formaldehyde removal test report 3.PM2.5 removal test report 4.CEMax Power0.2Wworking time about 24hoursAnion Output:more than 65million pcs /cm3 @5cmcleaning efficiency of PM2.5 parti

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Rated voltage



1.anion capacity test report 
2.benzene and formaldehyde removal test report 
3.PM2.5 removal test report 

Max Power


working time 

about 24hours

Anion Output:

more than 65million pcs /cm3 @5cm

cleaning efficiency of PM2.5 particulate(has report from Gmicro)


formaldehyde/ (has report from Gmicro)


benzene removal rate


Product Size



purifier,hang necklace,adapter,USB cable,manual book, certificate card,warranty card 

colour box size

17*13*7cm 360g/unit


40pcs/carton  Carton:

675*373*292mm weight:15.5k

OEM,print logo on product 

acceptable ,MOQ requirements

Detailed Images
Wearable Air Purifier Necklace Air Freshener Car Air FilterWearable Air Purifier Necklace Air Freshener Car Air FilterWearable Air Purifier Necklace Air Freshener Car Air FilterWearable Air Purifier Necklace Air Freshener Car Air FilterWearable Air Purifier Necklace Air Freshener Car Air Filter

1. Product can be worn on the neck, can also be placed in a nearby table, chair or bedside table
(spread the accesories, the effect will be better);
2. Product for touch switch mode, pick up the product, the text is in the positive direction, thumb touch
cover text below the center position, time last 1 second or so,power on, cover around the blue 5
seconds periodic breathing cycle.Repeat this action power off, lights off.

Product introduction
Four leaf clover portable production device is a high-performance negative ion air purifier, it can
remove --- bacteria, smoke, pollen, dust and other polluting micro-particles; Four leaf clover
portable purification device is highly efficient portable air purifier, hanging neck wear, easy to carry.
Working to form an invisible air filter barrier, it can dispel the elimination of your chest more than one
cubic meter around the head of small pollutants.
Product character
The unique appearance design, miniature wearable air purifier - lead the new trend of intelligent life;
Mute technology - add comfort, from worry, energy conservation and environmental protection;
Small volume, built-in lithium battery, can use the USB line recharged, carry convenience;
A small product, personal necklace,easy to bring up , purify indoor and car air, multipurpose;
All life without consumables,one-time investment for all life.
Product function
Active neutralization and remove dust, pollen, smoke - PM2.5, micro particles, secondhand smoke
Carbon fiber transmitter release a large number of negative ion, and it neutralization reaction with
carries a positive charge of germs,lose bacteria protein activity, to kill the germs;
Release the negative oxygen ion high concentration (3 ~ 5 million) -- - "air vitamin", make our
breathing more comfortable, more pure and fresh air.
Do not put the machine into the liquid and don't make liquid into the machine;
Do not use this machine in the shower or bath process;
Do not place the machine or stored in unsafe place where is easy to fall;
The placement of the machine placed should be far away from the heat source:
radiator, heater and other heating equipment;
Under the condition of aerosol don't use this machine;
Away from the gas type and the oven, and don't in the flammable gas, flammable
gas or flammable volatile fluid in the area of the use of the products;
Do not use this product under a quilt or a blanket;
Don't tear down and maintenance the product without permission;

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We are government certified high-tech model enterprise and global partner of leading brands in medical industry. We own series of patents and software rights to ensure customer benefits. Our solid technical background and proffesional service team are here to offer you the best you want.
Wearable Air Purifier Necklace Air Freshener Car Air Filter

Q1: Are your manufacturer?
Yes, we're manufacture with core design, R&D and international management conpetency.

Q2: What products do you produce?
We specialized in intelligent equipments and automatic machines

Q3: Can we use our LOGO and designs?
Yes, we offer ODM and OEM services.

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Our customers are leading brands mainly in MEDICAL, AUTOMOTIVE, ELECTRONIC industries.

Q5: Any warranty for the goods?
Normally, we offer warranty for one year upon delivery except artificial damage

Q6: What's the lead time for mass production?
Our L/T for mass production varias from 3days to 14days upon customization needs.


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